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Send Cash From UK, USA & EU To Nigeria For Pick Up With Barter

Send Cash From UK, USA & EU To Nigeria For Pick Up With Barter

Send Cash From UK, USA & EU To Nigeria For Pick Up With Barter

Millions of Nigerians who have emigrated to other parts of the world nevertheless maintain close ties with those they left behind. Most Africans working and living outside of Africa share the desire for a simple way to transfer money back to their families back home. There are a plethora of apps and platforms available today that make this possible. Some of your loved ones and friends may not be able to use these apps since they do not have DOM accounts of their own. In addition, remittances into Nigeria are still difficult to transmit due to CBN rule changes governing remittances, especially at short notice.

Cash pick up is one of the most easiest ways to send money to loved ones in Nigeria from abroad with Barter. Barter’s USD cash pick-up option lets customers to transfer money to loved ones back home. It is possible to obtain money quickly and cheaply from a number of pick-up locations all around Nigeria by using a cash pick up service.

For every $1 you send as a remittance inflow to friends and family in Nigeria, the beneficiaries will earn N5. The Central Bank of Nigeria created “The Naira 4 Dollar Scheme” as an incentive for foreign money transfer senders and beneficiaries (CBN).

By using Barter’s mobile and online apps, international money transfers are quick and easy, all while saving you money. It’s simple to use and acts as a virtual wallet.

Barter’s registration process is straightforward. Go to their website or on the Barter app, simply register for free.

Send Cash From UK, USA & EU To Nigeria For Pick Up With Barter

Frequently Asked Questions About Barter USD Cash Pick-Up

Here are some frequently asked questions about USD cash pick-up that have been answered:

When using Barter, what is the USD Cash Pickup option?

The USD Cash Pick-up option is a delivery method that enables recipients to physically collect cash from a convenient pick-up location located around the United States. Please keep in mind that, in accordance with CBN regulations, cash can only be collected in US dollars.

What is the procedure for initiating a USD Cash Pickup transaction to Nigeria?

In order to initiate a USD Cash Pick-Up Transfer to Nigeria, please follow the steps listed below.

Start by launching your Barter App.

  • To send money, click on the Send Money button.
  • To send money to a foreign country, select Send Money Abroad.
  • Enter the amount to be be sent.
  • Select the USD Cash Pick-up option from the list.
  • Provide beneficiary information (such as the recipient’s name, residential address, phone number, and email address) in the appropriate fields.
  • Choose a pickup location (UBA/Zenith Bank) from the list.
  • Check the transaction summary to check that all of the information is valid.
  • To complete the transaction, you must enter your Transaction Pin.

How will my recipient be notified when the money are ready to be picked up?

Your recipient will be contacted both the sender and recipient through email and SMS when the cash is ready for pick-up, along with directions to the nearest pick-up site. Please double-check that the email address and phone number you entered during the transaction are correct.


Before I may send money via the USD cash pick-up option, what information do I need to provide to the company?

  • The recipient’s full legal name. Please make sure that it matches the recipient’s valid form of identification.
  • The residential address of the recipient.
  • The phone number of recipient
  • The  email address of the recipient
  • The Transfer’s Purpose is to be also stated.

What information does the recipient need to receive a cash pick-up transfer?

After receiving notification of pick-up, the recipient will be expected to give the following information at the pick-up location:

  1. Name of the sender
  2. Reference number
  3. International Passport (Nigerian/Foreign), Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), Bank Verification Number (BVN), Driver’s License, and National Identity Management Commission card (NIMC) are all acceptable forms of identification of which one will be requested.
  4. Sender’s Relationship.
  5. Transfer Purpose (narration)


Is it necessary for the recipient to create a Barter account in order to get the cash?

To access or collect cash, the recipient does not need to have a Barter/Bank account.

What is the highest amount that may be given or received using USD Cash Pick-Up?

In a single day, you can send a total of USD 10,000. Please note, however, that transactions over USD 2,000 will be subject to additional verification in accordance with worldwide regulations in order to improve transaction security, which will be at the exclusive discretion of bank partners. As a result, depending on the transaction amount, collection time may vary.


What is the cost of the transfer?

For each transfer, you will be charged $3.

When will the payments sent be available for collection?

When the transaction is finished, the monies will be available for pick-up within minutes.

Why is my payment being rounded up to the nearest dollar?

Because of recent changes made by the Central Bank of Nigeria, receivers can now only receive cash in US dollars. This indicates that the amount sent will be rounded to the nearest dollar. To minimize misunderstandings at the pick-up location, we recommend sending an exact amount and notifying your recipient.

For instance, a sum of $200.30 will be rounded to $200.

What should I do if a transfer is made incorrectly?

You are advised to double-check the transaction information before proceeding. It’s important to keep in mind that most transactions can’t be canceled or reversed after they’ve been started. Please send an email with the facts of your transaction for review and perhaps assist you. email address is [email protected]

What is the procedure for canceling a transfer?

Send an email with the facts of your transaction so that we can review it and perhaps assist you. email address is [email protected]

Is it possible for the recipient to exchange US dollars into Nigerian naira at the cash pick-up location?

Please keep in mind that Barter does not offer currency conversion. However, after collecting the cash, recipients can inquire with the cashier at the pick-up location.

Is it possible for the recipient to pick up Naira in cash?

No, according to CBN regulations, cash can only be collected in US Dollars (USD).

Do you have any queries or need more information about cash pick-up with Barter? Today, send us an email; we’d love to hear from you.


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