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Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas

Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas

Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas

Have you seen how much money is being raised these days? Little league, school, and college fundraisers, as well as religious fundraisers, all require money. Daycares require additional funding, hospitals require new equipment, and cheerleaders must gather funds for their outfits. And coming up with new, profitable fundraising concepts is becoming more difficult by the day.

Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas

Have you seen how much money is being raised these days?  Aside from fundraising for little league, school fundraisers, and college fundraisers, there is also fundraising for churches and other charitable organizations. Day care centers require extra funding, hospitals require new equipment, and cheerleaders must raise money to purchase their outfits. And coming up with new fundraising ideas that are likely to be successful is becoming more difficult with each passing day.

On a positive side, it demonstrates that individuals are concerned about how others live and cope with their circumstances. However, because we are always being asked to donate to one good cause after another, we are not always able to assist in every situation. Despite our best efforts, our personal cash will simply not be able to stretch that far.

Alternatively, if we request the giving of items rather than cash, it is frequently a source of relief for a possible giver. A can of food for a food drive or a kitchen item they have never used for a sale, on the other hand, is more likely to be accepted than a monetary donation. Furthermore, there are other fundraising ideas that may be used to hold sales based on the items that have been collected.

For example, you might organize a toy drive to collect toys that your organization may then sell to raise funds to support your efforts. Alternatively, how about a gardening sale? In the event that you have any volunteers with green thumbs, they might simply grow some plant cuttings or start some seeds or bulbs developing in preparation for a plant sale in the spring or early summer, when the general public is looking to restock their gardens after the winter months.

Book sales are always well attended, but you will need to collect a large number of donated books in order for this to be a success, as books do not typically sell for a high price on the open market. To discover whether any books are available from local publishers to contribute to your cause, you can consider reaching out to them directly. After your event, write them to express your gratitude and let them know how successful you were and how much their donation helped you. If they do offer you some books, don’t forget to thank them and let them know how much their donation benefited you. It is important to express gratitude to donors, and they are more inclined to support you in the future if they know that their gift has been acknowledged in the past.

Some organizations like to solicit donations of things, which they then use to assemble themed gift baskets that are subsequently raffled off at a later fundraising event, usually in conjunction with another fundraising event. Consider putting together a bath basket from your donated materials, which could include soaps, hand towels, and bath salts, among other things. The key here is to keep lottery tickets reasonably priced, especially if you anticipate that folks who gave the things will also be purchasing raffle tickets in the future!

You may find that some people are more ready to donate their time than they are to donate money. For example, an electrician may decide to volunteer his time by spending a half day testing the wiring in the new offices your non-profit organization has recently relocated into rather than simply donating money. Any donation, whether in the form of time or money, is appreciated as long as it furthers the mission of your non-profit organization. However, make certain that your contributors are aware of the organization’s mission and how their support will benefit you. They may then spread the word about it among their social circle, and word-of-mouth advertising is quite effective.

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